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A little bit about us

The PSEG Nuclear Employees Federal Credit Union is an independent financial institution owned by and operated for its members. Membership is open to all PSEG Nuclear employees (including their spouses and children) located at Artificial Island. Please call 856-339-5099 for more information.

Member Account Management

Please use your account at least once every six months in order to avoid a dormant account charge. Also, remember to notify the PSEG NEFCU whenever you change your address and/or phone number.

Our Team

Dave Shaver was voted onto the Board of Directors for another 3 year term at this year's Annual Meeting/Election. Congratulations Dave!

Member Service Representatives
Jody Mortarulo
Nandi Plummer
Shaina McDevitt
Amy Mahala
Board of Directors
Monica Bazemore
Vern Dilks
Tom Headman
Gary Schmelz
Dave Shaver
Supervisory Committee
Robin Campbell
Nate Tillmes
Wendy Cronrath
Christen Franklin
Lisa Hill