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Confirmation of Account Verification:
The Supervisory Committee is conducting an audit of member accounts.
In conjunction with that audit, please examine your balance.
If you agree with the balance, no response is necessary.

Any questions can be directed to a Supervisory Committee Member:
Lisa Hill -- 856-339-3679.
Robin Campbell-- 856-339-1569.
Wendy Cronrath-- 856-339-1162.

Please DO NOT contact the Credit Union directly.

Thank you for your cooperation,
The Supervisory Committee

Get the most out of your Credit Union.

Our Mission

To provide competitive, quality service to meet our members' needs, while securing the operational security and financial stability of the credit union.

Our Services

Your NEFCU offers member a wide range of financial services: Home Banking; Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction; Christmas Club Savings Accounts; Free Checking; Stamps; Saving Accounts; VISA Gift Cards; 24 hour - 7 day Telephone Account Access; Many Loans to Meet Your Financial Need; Debit Cards; Deposit Box in the Security Center.

NEFCU interest rates remain competitive with rates offered in the area. Please call 856-339-5099 for more information.

Members of your immediate family are also welcome to participate in the NEFCU. The NEFCU staff is available to assist you with your financial needs.